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Lindsay Ell's Heartbreaking Story and Powerful New Song

In an interview with "People", LINDSAY ELL has revealed that she was sexually assaulted two different times in her life. She was raped by a man at her church in Canada when she was only 13 years old.

She felt so much shame she didn't tell her parents until she was 20. Quote, "They had no idea, and they were absolutely horrified. I'm so grateful towards both of them because they helped me NOT go into any unhealthy mechanisms to cope." 

She was 21 when she was assaulted the second time. She said it was "different" than the first, but "a lot more violent." That brought on depression and anxiety. Quote, "I was pretty messed up emotionally.

She had a breakthrough about three years ago while visiting a Virginia-based crisis organization called Youth For Tomorrow.

Quote, "I sat down at this conference table with 12 girls and told my story. As I told more of my story, they felt more inclined to share theirs. I remember walking out of there just feeling so empowered and like I was 10 feet tall."

When she was ready to share her story, she brought in Brandy Clark to help her write a song, and they came up with "Make You" . . . which addresses the range of emotions she felt after the first rape.

Quote, "[It's] something special that will hopefully help others to not feel alone in their survival. And more personally, it was finally the moment in my life where I got to validate that little girl inside, letting her know that 'I see her, and I love her.'"

Lindsay has also started the Make You Movement, which will benefit survivors of sexual assault and at-risk youth.

Quote, "The reason I decided to share my story at this point in my life is that I want it to be able to help a lot of people. [And] the best way is to not only raise my voice, but to raise money, awareness, and understanding. 

"I want to support programs that help girls and boys who've been victims and support safety and prevention programs to keep potential victims safe."  

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