Nashville Songwriter Gets Nasty While Calling Out Chase Rice

The controversy around CHASE RICE's non-social distancing concert will NOT die down. And now it's gotten nasty. 

A Nashville songwriter named Abe Stoklasa saw Chase's video on Instagram when he addressed what happened on Saturday, and talked about how he plans to move forward. 

It made the guy so mad he posted hateful stuff in the comments section. He called Chase an "[effing] disaster" . . . and added, quote, "You don't even sing well. Just retire and do the world a favor. My whole industry hates you."

That's not even the most disgusting part. You'll find that in the Sam Hunt reference here...

The guy apologized later, but the damage was done. It was enough to get JAKE OWEN involved . . . and he had Chase's back. 

He wrote, "Hey Abe, you're a talented, smart guy. Why lower yourself to a post like this? It's sad man. What you said is ridiculous. 'Hate?' You're gonna use a word like that, in a time like this? 

"Chase is my friend. I am a part of this industry and trust me it's not just yours. I stick up for my friends. I've always thought you were a great musician, songwriter and voice. You are better than this. That was straight ignorant thing to say."

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