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The World Needs More Joy...Here Are Five Simple Ways to Find It

It's been a little harder to find joy in things this year. And a new poll found 90% of us agree the world needs MORE of it. So where do you find joy? Here are the top five simple activities that bring us the most joy, according to the survey . . .

1. Family dinners. 61% said it's one of the things that brings them the most joy.

2. Time spent outside, 60%.

3. Watching a favorite movie or TV show, 58%.

4. Receiving a hug from a close friend or loved one, also 58%.

5. Hearing one of your favorite songs, 55%.

Here are a few more stats: 89% agree it's important to surround yourself with positive people. More than half of us say that just talking to our friends brings us joy. And 85% think finding joy right now is more important than ever.

Now here are three joyous things we've done MORE of because of the lockdown: Reading . . . taking walks . . . and spending time with our immediate family. The survey also found over a third of us plan to keep doing Zoom calls with loved ones even after the pandemic is over. 

Need a little joy in your life right now? Watch this video. You'll be grinnin' like a skint possum in 2.5. Guaranteed.

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