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Ten Commandments for Picking Up and Dropping Off Your Youngins

Do Unto Others as You'd Have Done to You.

Thou Shall Realize That Safety Is No Accident.

Thou Shall Wait Your **BLEEPIN'** Turn.

Thou Shall Not Act a Fool When Someone messes Up in the Car Line.

Thou Shall Not Get Out of the Car to Chat. Or to Yell At Another Parent.

Thou Shall Not Honk Your Horn. Ever.

Thou Shall Not Park Your Car in the Line and Walk Your Kid to the Door.

Thou Shall Not Be the Parent Who Sails in 20 Minutes Late Every Day.

Thou Shall Ask Questions If Thou Is Confused About the Car Line Process.

Thou Shall Not Scream Obscenities because we're All in This Together.

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