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We're Finally Getting a Sloth

The Unicode Consortium is a nonprofit that runs a bunch of different standards for the Internet. And no one really paid attention to them until a few years ago . . . when we found out they control EMOJIS.

They just announced 230 new emojis that should roll out to your phone sometime later in the year.Here are some highlights . . .

1 A yawning face.

2.Lots of emojis focused on disabilities, including a deaf person, people in wheelchairs, blind people using walking canes, Seeing Eye dogs and mechanical arms and legs.

3.New animals, including the flamingo, sloth and skunk.

4.New foods, including a waffle, butter, onions and a juice box.

5.A drop of blood . . . which represents menstruation.

6.And a hand making a pinching gesture . . . which everyone online is calling the "tiny penis" emoji.Get ready to send this to anyone who shoots you an unsolicited junk pic.  ( Buzzfeed

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