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10 Things We'd Miss If We Traveled Back in Time

Being able to time travel would come with plenty of perks. First thing I'd do is go back to Tuesday and get those lotto numbers right.  But a new survey asked people to name the top things they'd MISS if they went back in time.

Obviously the top 10 are mostly tech-related. But #1 caught us a little off-guard . . .

1. Toilets that flush. The toilets we use today have been around since the early 1900s. So as long as you stuck with the 20th century, you'd be okay.

2.  he Internet.

3. Central heating and air-conditioning.

4. Televisions.

5. Your smartphone. We kind of expected that one to be a little higher up there.

6. Cars.

7. Being able to travel by plane.

8. Supermarkets.

9. Your laptop.

10. Wi-Fi.  

Um . . . shouldn't "friends and family" be somewhere on the list? Maybe?

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