Sliced Ketchup Is a Thing That Exists

I'm not sure if this product is necessary, but here you go: You can now buy SLICED KETCHUP. No more squirting ketchup onto your burgers  like a caveman . . . now you can just drop on a clean, neat slice, like it's cheese.

A company out of L.A. created the stuff and they just put it up on Kickstarter. It ain't cheap either . . . a pack of eight slices of ketchup will cost you $10.

But if you're interested, you can order it now, and they're going to  ship in June. There's no word on if on when it might wind up in  stores. 

Just think, one day . . . we might be sayin', "this is the best thing since sliced ketchup!" (Time)  

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