The Tears of Joy Emoji Has Plummeted in Popularity

We live in some interesting times . . . and apparently, these days, we're a lot less likely to "laugh so hard we cry" and more likely to just cry.

According to Emojipedia, the number of people using the "tears of joy" emoji has plummeted since early 2017. That's the emoji that's laughing and has tears coming out of its eyes . . . and it USED to be THE most popular one. Not anymore.

No one's EXACTLY sure why it's fading, though. It could be these depressing times . . . it could be that there are more emojis than ever to choose from, so people are getting more creative . . . or it could  just be that emoji fads come and go. (Emojipedia)

This is unacceptable! Somethin' has GOT to be done youngins! We need more glad and less mad in this ole world nowadays. Help save my favorite emoji! Text four tears of joy emoji's to at least one friend . . . right now. PLEASE?! #SaveTheTearsOfJoyEmoji #LessMadMoreGlad

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