Meet Your Halloween DA of the Day

I'm not sure there's ANY better or funnier way to stop a robbery than THIS.

A 28-year-old guy named Joseph Parent broke into a house in Yarmouth, Massachusetts on Monday night. But as he was going through the stuff in the dining room, he stopped in his tracks at what he saw . . 

A totally NAKED 91-year-old woman.

Her name is Patricia Mulkeen and she woke up because her dog heard Joseph in the house and started barking. She figured it was just a raccoon or something, so she didn't throw on any clothes to go check it out.

Joseph did pretty much the only thing he could do in that situation . . . hes aid, quote, "Sorry, ma'am" and left the house empty-handed.

Patricia and her husband called the cops, and they tracked down Joseph nearby and arrested him for breaking and entering. 

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