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Blake Shelton Announced a New Album

BLAKE SHELTON sounded pretty psyched to announce his new album on Instagram yesterday. Here's what he wrote . . .

"YEEEHAWW. Who's ready for some more new music??!! Texoma Shore coming at y'all November 3rd.  Preorder TOMORROW!

He also posted the album cover, where he's standing on the shore of Lake Texoma. It's the reservoir on the border of Texas and Oklahoma where he was born. He also posted a long statement about what we can expect. Here's the whole dang thing.

"Lake Texoma has always been a place of great memories, new and old.  I literally recorded this album on its shore, so it’s full circle for me to take the love of this place and my love of country music."

"When you listen to the record, it will go from something traditional to something that will make your head spin, back to something even more traditional. That's just what you can expect from one of my albums.

"At this point in my career, it's always good for me to try something different, with different sounds, and I think you’ll hear hints of that on this record.  

"I've explored about every part of country music you can explore and it seems like I always keep coming back to my roots, which is traditional country music. 

"I love great songs and there are so many talented writers in Nashville,but I do have a song on the album that I wrote and I’m very proud of it.”

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