Garth Brooks Wants His Nashville Club to Be the Chick-fil-A of Honky-Tonks

When I think of honky-tonks, I think of a place where a fight could break out at any moment. But that kind of behavior won't be welcome at GARTH BROOKS' Nashville club when it opens. 

Here's how he described the atmosphere he's going for. Quote, "I want the Chick-fil-A of honky-tonks. I want a place where you go, where you feel good, feel safe and everybody's got good manners. 

"My main push, from day one, is that they are sweet people. They are nice people. It's a house of love and a house you are safe in. I'm hoping that right when you walk in, it's a 'love everybody' stated right there. I want a place that's just safe."

He even wants inclusive music. It'll be a combination of classic and today's country. 

Quote, "I don't think that's impossible to ask. I'm hoping [it's] a thumpin' place that always looks like something is going crazy in there. But when you walk in, I hope it's country music that you hear." 


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