The Fans Weigh-In on Eric Church Canceling a Concert to See the Final Four

As expected, people are upset that Eric Church canceled his concert on Saturday so he could watch North Carolina play in the Final Four. "The Washington Post" and "Billboard" grabbed some comments. Here are a few. . .

 "Canceling a show to watch a basketball game is one of the most diva moves ever."

"The hoops we jumped through to secure childcare, drive four-plus hours to see an artist that we have literally bought every record from. This is bull."

 "An entire weekend's travel plans up in smoke. Keep treating your fans this way and you won't have any left." 

 "I appreciate you wanting to experience the basketball game with your family but how about those of us who were coming to the concert with OUR family?"

 "You could have at least [effing] rescheduled San Antonio instead of just up and canceling. I'm a huge sports fan and I get it, but that is not cool, man."

 Some people did understand: "You did nothing wrong, Eric. You support your team at all costs" . . . and . . . "If he wants a day off to enjoy his personal life then so be it."

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