37 New Emojis Are Hitting iPhones Next Week

A new batch of EMOJIS are hitting iPhones next week. And some of them seem a little more useful than others.

For example, the world apparently needed a kidney beans emoji. This is the update that also includes the "Pregnant Man" emoji that made waves when it was announced last year.

I could definitely see people using a few of these a lot though. The update also includes a melting face emoji, a saluting emoji, a puppy dog eyes emoji that's holding back happy tears, a heart hands emoji, an empty nest emoji, a troll, a disco ball, and a low battery emoji.

They're also adding five emojis of people with different skin tones shaking hands.

They're all part of the new iOS update that's coming sometime next week, and they're being rolled out on Android devices too.

This iPhone update also includes a new feature that lets you use Face I.D. with a mask on. 


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