This Four-Year-Old Does the Best Luke Combs Impression You'll Ever See

If you were going to do a LUKE COMBS impression you'd wear a button-down black shirt, a pair of jeans, and one of Luke's Blue Otter Main Stage trucker hats. 

And then you'd practice and practice, and STILL NOT be as good as this four-year-old boy named Tripp. Somebody filmed him on a back patio entertaining "his fans." 

 He's holding a mic and walking around the stage while singing "Beer Never Broke My Heart". He hypes up the audience, tosses a Red Solo cup into the crowd, and PUTS that mic back into the stand when he's done.

 Luke saw the clip and shared it yesterday on Instagram. He wrote, "Been looking for a backup in case I ever needed one, but I had not checked with the four-year-olds yet. Ha-ha. Tripp, you're my guy. Let's get you out to a show soon buddy."

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