You shouldn't be freaking over UNO's draw 4 post this week.

Wooow, does the internet like to freak out over things or what?! This week UNO (ya know, the card game), released a statement saying that according to rules, you can NOT put down a DRAW 2 on top of a DRAW 4. Check out the full post below! Here's the thing....YOU HAVE NEVER BEEN ABLE TO DO THAT!! You have to have the SAME CARD down to put down...right?! If it's two DRAW 4s, then yes. If it's two DRAW 2s, then yes. BUT YOU CAN'T PUT A DRAW 2 ON TOP OF A DRAW 4!!! My wife pointed that out to me after reading the post and it made SO MUCH SENSE!

Aaron Michael

Aaron Michael

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