Luke Bryan faces backlash for the Christmas gift he got for his wife!

OK sooo Luke Bryan may be in a little hot water haha! So for Christmas he got his wife Caroline two KANGAROOS. Like, legit. How crazy is that?! I never would have thought about that as a gift hahah.

Well, hang on - PETA is realllly mad about this! They released a statement on their website regarding Luke and his gift:

"Baby kangaroos belong in their mothers' pouches, not in gift bags. These joeys have complex needs, including specialized diets and room to roam — they are not toys and will only become more difficult to care for as they grow older. PETA is calling for an investigation into where these kangaroos came from and stands ready to help Luke Bryan right this wrong and move these vulnerable marsupials to a reputable sanctuary."

Sooo...what do you think?! Cool? Not cool?? TWEET ME and give me your thoughts!

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