Landslide shuts down Marion highway; detour info

Wet conditions following Zeta have caused a landslide in the mountains.

Officials say it happened along N.C. Highway 226 North in Marion.

The landslide is about a half a mile from U.S. 221 North and the intersection there is closed.

Officials say residents living on N.C. 226 or N.C. 226A will have to use an alternate route.


Commercial Traffic is advised to take I-40 West to Exit 53-B, take Exit 53-B to I-240 West, and follow I-240 West to Exit 4-A. Take Exit 4-A to I-26 West, follow I-26 West to Exit 9, and take Exit 9 to US-19 North. Continue on US-19 North to access NC-226.

Read the full story at WLOS - click here.

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