NC Senator plans to introduce bill to defund cities that defund police

A North Carolina Senator now says he plans to introduce a bill to defund cities that defund police departments.

On Tuesday, Sept. 22, the Asheville City Council voted 5-2 to defund its police department by more than $700,000. Under the amendment, $770,000 would be reallocated from the police department to other city departments. The approved budget comes to $29.3 million, a 3% decrease from the originally proposed $30.1 million budget.

Wednesday morning, Sen. Chuck Edwards (R-Henderson) announced his plans to file legislation to defund cities that defund the police.

"When the legislature reconvenes next year, the first bill I will introduce will defund cities that defund the police. We must maintain law and order. While municipalities have control over their local budgets, the state legislature also has control over its budget, and I intend to help create an environment where public safety is a top priority,” said Edwards in a press release. "Police officers protect my family and yours. Defunding police and hammering their morale until dozens resign will result in more crime, not less. The far-left Asheville City Council's decisions are reckless and endanger public safety."

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