Jake Owen And His Daughter Share Cute Anti-Bullying Song

Jake Owen And His Daughter Share Cute Anti-Bullying Song

Jake Owen is using country music hit-making skills to send out an important anti-bullying message with the help of his 7-year-old daughter Pearl. The two join together in the studio for a quick freestyle encouraging kids to be nice to one another.

"Never be a bully, that ain't cool, especially when you're going to school," Owen raps as Pearl bops next to him. "I send you to school down in Florida, hopin' there won't be any bullies there for ya. But now there's people out there watching Instagram and they want to hear from a little girl like you what's happening."

He continues, "Tell them all about the bullies. Nobody wants bullies! Nobody wants bullies!"

Pearl adds a few lines herself and concludes the video announcing "We only have two bullies in our class."

Check out the sweet anti-bullying video below.

Pearl is the big sister to Paris Hartley, whom Owen welcomed with his girlfriend Erica Hartlein in April of 2019. Based on the video, the singer's eldest daughter seems to take after her dad as she shows qualities of a natural entertainer.

When Owen's not working or traveling, he's spending most of his time with his girls. Recently, the "Homemade" singer revealed that he broke his wrist while teaching Pearl what not to do while skateboarding.

Owen assures fans that he'll be just fine and ready to go in time for tour this summer. The country star plans to join Lady Antebellum on their "Ocean 2020 Tour" alongside Maddie & Tae.

The tour kicks off in Albuquerque, New Mexico on May 21 with a string of dates running through September 12 in Nashville, Tennessee. Tickets to the tour will go on sale on January 24. A full list of tour dates can be seen here.

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