Kelby Costner

Hand-Selected Rising Star: Originally from North Carolina and now residing in Nashville, Kelby Costner is a rising star to remember. He began taking guitar lessons at an early age, until his teacher moved away, and he nearly forgot almost everything he had learned. It was not until after high school that with dedication and persistence he relearned how to play guitar. A relentless writer and seasoned live performer, he knows how to captivate an audience instantly, filling every corner of a room with his heartfelt lyrics and smooth melodies.

Join us at the Saloon on Saturday, August 4th, for a wonderful display of fresh talent amidst unforgettable surroundings. You’ll enjoy refreshments as you tour our Old West Town prior to the show, then relax in the comfort of the Saloon as you take in the show. Following the show, you’ll have a chance to personally meet and spend some time getting to know Kelby. After you share a conversation in this incredible setting, you’ll later be able to say you knew him from the days of his rise to fame. You won’t forget this experience, and you should remember his name and his sound – you’ll certainly be hearing them again!



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