You've probably noticed that ERIC CHURCH usually wears a hat and sunglasses when he performs. Well there's a reason for that. It's part of what puts him in the right mindset to perform.


He says, quote, "I liken it to what athletes go through when they put on a uniform. It's game time and that's the same thing for me. 


"I don't HAVE to have the hat or the shades to do what I do, but it's become a part of what gets me ready for the show. That's where I get myself in a mindset to go give the show that I think fans want from us. It's probably nuts . . . but that's me."


In related news, Eric feels that his song "The Outsiders" isn't getting the radio play it deserves. And yet, he's okay with that because he thinks it'll stand the test of time. 


He says, quote, "I think 10 years from now, when people are asked to name five or six [Eric Church] songs, they're gonna name that one. Regardless of what it did commercially, it's just one of those songs."


One last note: JAY DEMARCUS would like everyone to STOP talking about the time RASCAL FLATTS kicked Eric off their tour.


He Tweeted, "Wish everyone would let this @EricChurch thing go!  We have nothing against him and we're very proud of what he's done! It's ancient history!"