Michael Zuk is a dentist in Alberta, Canada. And a few years ago, he paid almost $33,000 at an auction for one of JOHN LENNON'S teeth. It's a little strange in terms of memorabilia, but he's a dentist so you can see the logic.


Well . . . it turns out Michael DIDN'T just want the tooth as a conversation piece.


He's announced that his plan is to extract the DNA from the tooth, CLONE John Lennon . . . then raise him from birth as his SON.


Cloning technology isn't quite there yet . . . and once it gets there, we're not sure any scientists will compromise their ethics to clone famous people. But if they do, Michael wants in on it.


In the past, Michael had talked about extracting DNA from the tooth and cloning Lennon . . . but this plan to RAISE him is brand new.


And he already has plans for his baby John Lennon. Quote, "He would still be his exact duplicate but, you know, hopefully keep him away from drugs and cigarettes. But guitar lessons wouldn't hurt anyone, right?" (Daily Mail)