The "New York Daily News" has posted excerpts from the so-called "secret" contract that NBC has contestants on "The Voice" agree to, which suggest that the show could reject the results of America's votes if they want to.


Among other things, the contract allows them to: Quote, "Change the rules at any time . . . eliminate contestants, even if they are 'winning' with the public" . . . and to "ignore the show's voting system, in the event of 'problems.'"


The "Daily News" implies that there MAY have been some shenanigans involved in the shocking elimination of fan-favorite JUDITH HILL last season. The report says, quote, "It's anyone's guess if Hill was cut because she had not drawn enough support from viewers or simply for dramatic impact."


The show has admitted to tossing out votes in the past . . . when they detected some mysterious "inconsistencies" . . . but they were up-front about that.


For what it's worth, a "production source" from "The Voice" says, quote, "We've never manipulated the outcome on this show . . . NBC and [the] producers take the fairness and integrity of this competition far too seriously."


And a legal expert notes that "American Idol" and other shows have similar clauses in their contracts to protect the show against potential lawsuits.