Introducing youngins to technology in the classroom can be a beautiful thing . . . but what if the technology is a GoPro camera and the class is a room full of first graders on the first day back to class?

McFarlane Park Elementary in
Tampa experimented with one of its students to see what happens when those two worlds collide.

The first grader used in the experiment is Andrew Weber and using the chest harness . . . his parents strapped the GoPro to their son's body to capture his first day at school.

"We thought it was a novel idea to put a GoPro camera on a child so we could obtain a child's perspective instead of assuming that we as adults know what a child needs," said Andrews mother, May Weber during lunch at the school.

The school principal Dr. Denyse Riveiro said she can't wait to break down the video so she can work on improving the school. (WFLA)