TIM McGRAW shows off his rock-hard abs in the new issue of Men's Health magazine.

Inside the mag, Tim talks about conquering his demons, getting in shape and even says he doesn't obsess over his million-dollar voice. "I'm not Pavarotti. My voice training comes with two hours of shows every night. I mean I can warm up all I want -- I don't -- and it's not gonna make a hill'a beans' difference. I'm a storyteller, not a singer."


The issue of Men's Health with Tim on the cover hits newsstands on June 24th.


Oh, and . . . since it's summer, here come the shirtless workout pics. On Sunday Tim posted one of him all harnessed-up and dragging a couple of huge weight plates across the parking lot. He wrote, "Which way to the stage?"


Here's the photo from two summers ago of Tim flipping that massive tractor tire during a workout.