I can't even begin to find words with enough power & emotion to truly express our LOVE and appreciation. And I Googled a bunch of 'em.

We wrapped up the 2014 KISS COUNTRY CARES FOR KIDS RADIOTHON with over $250,000 raised for the youngins @ Mission Children's Hospital. $250,000!! The BIGGEST amount we have ever raised.

Sharon and I are HONORED to be just a little bitty part of somethin' so big and awe inspiring.

So many big-hearted heroes came together to make this thing possible . . . it'd take a month of Sundays to name 'em all.

We are very blessed & more than proud to have one hard workin' KISS COUNTRY Family . . . good
WNC folk that GLADY step up to help out EVERY time we ask. Even when they don't have it to give.

Thank you. From the bottom of our hearts . . . THANK YOU! We love ya'll. So very much.


Click on the pic for a big ole Radiothon Gallery.