This ole world is all KINDS of jacked up . . . and just gettin' worse. That why I was very proud to see some compassion and genuine thought for others last night. Ran in Ingles to pick up a couple of things. Big time on sale too, with your Ingles Advantage Card! Aaanndd, of course . . . I didn't have mine on me. The sweet cashier offered to go look it up. Now, ya'll know I have NO idea which phone number might be on my account . . . and the line was backin' up. Quick.

Ole boy behind me in line just handed his keys, with the little card on 'em, right to the cashier to scan for my stuff . . . like it was nothin'. Looked like he mighta been sick too. Well, he had NyQuil & sinus stuff, anyway.

Now, ya'll might thinkin', "Aww, Eddie that's just silly . . . such a small gesture ain't really no big thing." 

But, see . . . you'd be wrong. 

Just think, if we ALL did just ONE tiny little thing for our fellow humans . . . this world would be a DRASTICALLY different place. A better place. Guarantee it. Course . . . that's just my opinion. And, it should be yours.

So, um . . . I reckon all that to simply say: Thank you NyQuil man . . . thank ya kindly, sir. Hope you feel better! Oh, and . . . get yourself somethin' reeeaaal nice with your Ingles Advantage Points.