Sharon's been giving me a hard time because I didn't particularly care for the movie "Frozen". Apparently, I ain't the ONLY one.

If you have a daughter between the age of 5 and 15, she's probably seen the Disney movie "Frozen" . . . and probably thinks she's the biggest fan in the world. But she isn't. Because THIS woman is.

A guy in Japan claims his 29-year-old wife LEFT HIM last month, because she made him watch "Frozen" . . . and he said it was just "okay".


He says she's been staying with her parents, and she's so angry she won't talk to him. But before she left, she explained that if you don't like "Frozen", then there's something wrong with you as a HUMAN BEING.


Of course, it's possible he's making the whole thing up. But he claims their marriage is basically solid other than the fact that he doesn't like the movie.


The guy says he was a literature major in college, and did a paper on "The Snow Queen" by Hans Christian Andersen, the story "Frozen" is based on.


So it sounds like maybe he's just being a SNOB about it. And this might also be the first time someone got divorced over the classic "book was better than the movie" argument. (Gawker / Rocket News 24)