There's probably nothing worse for an artist than to perform a patriotic song at a sporting event . . . and blow it.

At the MLB All-Star Game back on July 15, JOE NICHOLS suffered that particular fate. His performance of “God Bless America upset some MLB fans. They were not shy expressing their disappointment in his performance on Twitter. (FoxNews)


And I mean . . . they were BRUTAL!

Overheard: “If I were God, I’d refuse to bless America for a few days, based on the way Joe Nichols bleated ‘God Bless America.’” #ASG #Ouch

— Christopher Carley (@ChrisCarleyShow) July 16, 2014

Congrats to Joe Nichols for the worst rendition of “God Bless America” I have ever heard. I think he only sang one note the whole time. #ugh

— Kristina Witzling (@kwitzling) July 16, 2014

Was it really THAT bad? What do ya’ll think?