**sniff** It's OVER youngins! Ya'll just don't even know how much Sharon & I LOVE these HOMETOWN TOURS!! We LOVE to see ya'll in person; love to shake your hand & hug your neck and tell ya'll, face-to-face . . . THANK YOU! It's hard to believe we've already rolled through 13 BOJANGLES and 13 weeks. Time sure does fly when you're havin' fun . . . and handin' out the free chicken. WNC . . . it has been an absolute PLEASURE to see ya'll over the past couple of months. We got to visit with a lot of our old friends we hadn't seen in awhile . . . and meet a whole bunch of new ones too. And we love each and every one of ya'll. Thank you, so very much, for puttin' up with us. We really couldn't do this without YOU! 

And, to ALL the hard workin' BOJANGLES folks that are the BACKBONE of the Tour & keep WNC fed . . . thanks for havin' us. Love ya'll! Click HERE for the Hendersonville gallery.