Over the weekend, KIP MOORE met with a ticket scalper named Brent Miller after starting a Twitter war over passes to Kip's concert at Chicago's Joe's Bar. The scrap started Thursday when Brent responded to a Kip tweet with on-sale information for the upcoming show.

Brent posted, "Sixteen tickets available for Joe's. [I] will sell general admission for $125 each or sold-out vip for $225 each....direct message me." Kip responded, "Hey buddy, are you really going to try to pull this with my fans? Ain't happening. Got people on this."


Kip later posted, "Hey [Brent] I see you with nothing but hate messages toward [artists]... now you're scalping my tickets. If I see you in my crowd I'll throw your dumb ass out myself." Then, it was war.


The two apparently settled their differences in Tampa on Saturday after Kip offered to pay $1,000 for Brent to show up at a meet-and-greet. A twitter picture shows that Brent was given with meet-and-greet passes to meet Kip face-to-face.

Here's the FB Post by Kip Moore about scalpers. Ole Brent even had the audacity to ask for a T-shirt and his money in $100 bills. Brent hasn't posted anything since the meet-and-greet.