JANA KRAMER posted a pic of her tattoo session on Instagram . . . with her T-shirt pulled up showing her black bra. The tattoo artist is working diligently on her ribcage. 


She also gave props to MAGGIE ROSE who was there offering support. She wrote, "What a good friend!  @IAmMaggieRose #tattoo holding my hand!" Then Jana posted a pic of the final product and wrote, "Okay here it is. My new tattoo!"


In other Jana Kramer news: A nasty bug forced her to check into the hospital over the weekend.  She posted a photo and yes, even though she's wearing no makeup and lying in a hospital bed, she looks lovely.


Dang . . . when Jana get sick, she takes it hard. You may remember when she checked into the hospital a couple of years ago for flu related symptoms.