People have always been obsessed with the idea that famous dead people FAKED their deaths, and are living somewhere in secret. From Elvis to Tupac to Andy Kaufman.

Here's the latest addition to the list. Someone in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil posted a selfie online this week, that allegedly shows STEVE JOBS in the background.


He's thin and frail, like Jobs was right before he died from cancer in 2011, and he's in a wheelchair. He's even wearing a black shirt, which Jobs always did.


It's hard to tell if it's the classic Steve Jobs black turtleneck though, because the guy has a NECK BRACE on. The other problem is that he appears to be wearing a long sleeve shirt with an ugly FLORAL print underneath the t-shirt.


So is it Steve Jobs?  We're 99.999% sure it's not. But hey, we're not discounting that last 0.001%, just in case. 


What do ya’ll think? Is it REALLY him? See the pic right HERE. (The Wire / Reddit)