Catrina McGhaw signed a lease for a house in Ferguson, Missouri back in March. As far as she knew, it was just a nice, normal suburban house outside St. Louis. NOPE.

One of Catrina's friends called her last month and told her to turn on the show "Cold Case Files" on A&E, because there was a documentary about a serial killer . . . who LIVED in that house. In fact, right when Catrina turned on the TV, she saw her house.


Turns out a guy named Maury Travis lived there. He kidnapped and tortured at least 12 women inside the house, and killed them in the basement. He was finally caught in 2002 and killed himself in prison.


And Catrina's landlord is his MOTHER, Sandra Travis. Catrina says she never told her about what happened in the house. Naturally she wanted to get out of the lease, but Sandra wouldn't let her.


She finally went to the St. Louis Housing Authority, who got Sandra to agree to let Catrina out by the end of this month. (ABC News / CBS 4 - St. Louis) 


Here’s the A&E documentary on the murders. And it’s JACKED up!