Everyone has one of those cute bath-time photos of their kids . . . but don't try to post ‘em on Facebook.

North Carolina photographer JILL WHITE took her two-year-old daughter to the beach last week . . . and she thought she'd caught one of those perfect moments when she snapped a shot of the tot's friend hiking down the bottom of her daughter's suit, exposing her bare bottom. She says it reminded her of those old Coppertone suntan-lotion ads, and so she posted it on her business' Facebook page.


But that seemingly innocent photo caused her all kinds of headaches. Facebook removed the photo and stopped Scott from posting any more pictures . . .  an issue for a professional photographer. Scott appealed and created a censored version of the picture, and the social media network relented. But if she posts anything showing nudity again, she'll be banned altogether.


Facebook isn't backing down, saying that with the number of users it has, it needs to maintain consistent standards . . . and that means no nudity whatsoever, no matter how innocent it seems.


See the pic right HERE. (Today)