The great thing about being REALLY rich and REALLY spiteful is . . . you can pull off great revenge schemes. Not that we condone it. Just a fact.

There's a guy in the Detroit area named Alan Markovitz who owns several strip clubs, and apparently is regarded as some kind of strip club genius.

But he recently got divorced after being married for two years, when he caught his wife CHEATING on him. Then she moved in with the other guy in an expensive suburb of Detroit.

So Alan got his REVENGE . . . by buying the house NEXT DOOR, and putting up a huge statue of a hand with the MIDDLE FINGER up, pointed RIGHT at his ex-wife's house.

He even installed a spotlight to shine on it, to make sure it was visible 24 hours a day. And if you're wondering, yup . . . it's legal under the First Amendment.

See photos of this fine work of art right HERE. (Gawker / Deadline Detroit