When we used to fight with our parents, the only people we'd ever tell about it were our best friends over pizza and a Vanilla Ice cassette. But these days . . . things are a little more litigious.

RACHEL CANNING of Morristown, New Jersey, is suing her parents for allegedly throwing her out of the house in the middle of her senior year (at a private school) and right before she's supposed to go off to college.

She's currently staying at her best friend's house . . . whose father happens to be a lawyer and is helping fund Canning's lawsuit. But Rachel's parents say she's got it all wrong. They say Rachel left on her own after choosing not to respect their rules.

Rachel is suing for current outstanding private school tuition, upcoming college tuition, a set fixed college fund, and legal fees. But most people aren't buying it and, so far . . . are siding with her parents. (Daily Record)

Who do you think is going to win this case? What would ya’ll do if your youngin tried to sue you?