CHARLIE DANIELS' new album, "Off the Grid - Doin' It Dylan", will be out April 1st. It may seem odd for a country artist to pay tribute to a rock hero like BOB DYLAN, but Charlie actually worked on a few of Dylan's albums back in the day.


He says, "Back in 1969, he came to town and recorded 'Nashville Skyline', and I worked as a studio musician playing guitar on that album.  [And] I later went on to record two other albums of his . . . 'Self Portrait' and 'New Morning'."


Charlie has such profound respect for Dylan's work and the way he puts words and chords together that he compares him to WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE.


Quote: "He puts chords together that you wouldn't ordinarily think about putting together . . . not in the flowery sort of way that you think of Shakespeare, but he's just as unique to me in the way he puts the English language together."


He adds, quote, "Whatever it was [Dylan] meant by his lyrics, they grabbed the attention of the world and changed the face of music forever." 


One of Charlie's favorite Dylan songs is "The Times They Are A-Changin'", which he plans to put on the album and also work into his live shows. You can grab dates for his year-long tour at