If you missed the premiere of "Dancing With the Stars" last night, then you missed some OLD-SCHOOL SITCOM DRAMA.


CANDACE CAMERON BURE from "Full House" and DANICA MCKELLAR from "The Wonder Years" are both competing. But it turns out the dance floor isn't the only thing they've shared.


Candace used to date JEREMY MILLER from "Growing Pains" . . . until he DUMPED HER FOR DANICA. Candace informed Danica of this fact during rehearsals, and of course they had VIDEO, which they played on the show.


Candace said Jeremy dumped her by PHONE. Danica seemed surprised to learn that she caused the breakup. Of course she could have been ACTING.


Here's the clip. Skip forward to the 3:06 mark. Or, watch it from the beginning if you want to see Candace dance. She and partner MARK BALLAS rocked a 25, the second highest score of the night.


Speaking of last night's dances, BILLY DEE WILLIAMS was pretty bad, but he did dance to the "Star Wars" theme, and was joined by two Stormtroopers and R2-D2. See that marvelous performance right here.