This could be the reason TRACE ADKINS fell off the wagon hard back in January. His wife Rhonda filed for divorce on Tuesday, citing irreconcilable differences.She's asking for custody of their three kids, who are 16, 12 and nine. 


She's also asking for child support, alimony and legal fees . . . and according to TMZ, she wants to be named the sole beneficiary of his life insurance policy. They've been married 17 years.


There's no word if either of them have been cheating, but if she has, that could be why Trace hit the bottle again. Or maybe he was fooling around and the guilt was too much to handle. It all may come out in court, or we may never know why.


By the way, it's only March but it's already been a tough year for Trace. In addition to the drinking, fighting, rehab and divorce, he also lost his father last month.