We’ve never heard anything negative about DARIUS RUCKER. Ever. This story makes us love him even more.

The bouncer at a Nashville club called Red Door wouldn't let him in on Monday because he had no I.D. Instead of pitching a fit like some stars might have, Darius said he understood and left. 


Okay, that's only half of the story.Here's the best part. Earlier that night he'd hosted his 5th Annual Darius and Friends Concert to benefit St. Jude's ResearchHospital. It was at a different location and when it wrapped they chose Red Door for the after-party. 


It's not clear if it was the "official" after-party, but still . . . you'd have to think word got back to the door dude that this was going down. And Darius's bodyguards filled the guy in, but he was under strict orders not to let anyone in who didn't have an I.D. 


And yet, Darius was still cool about it. #ClassAct