The cover of the upcoming Marvel comic "Spider-Woman #1" has created some controversy, because it has . . . um, well . . . a lot of ASSETS.

It's actually a "variant" cover, meaning it's one of several that will be issued. So if you don't like this cover, you CAN get a different version.


Something tells me a lot of guys are going to go with this one, though. It shows Spider-Woman crouched on all fours, with her butt stuck up in the air.  And her body shape is so detailed and defined that it looks like her costume is just PAINTED on.


Check it out here . . . then scroll down for the "official" cover, which is a bit more innocent.


People have been complaining to Marvel, but they're not backing down. One exec issued a statement admitting that people who are upset about it "have a point", but he did NOT apologize.


Although he did say, quote, "I think a conversation about how women are depicted in comics is relevant at this point, and definitely seems to be bubbling up from the zeitgeist. That too is fine. Nothing gets better unless ideas are communicated."