CHRIS YOUNG'S Momma posted an update of his condition from last week's freak accident where he cut his hand with a kitchen knife. She revealed that he's had TWO different surgeries . . . and "a lot" of stitches.

The good news is that he can still move his fingers . . . and that they're, quote, "all still looking good color-wise."She added that he'll be in a soft cast for two weeks and then he'll move to a hard cast for four weeks.


Chris also hit up the social media with updates of his own. On Monday he posted a photo on Facebook of his bandaged hand as he struggles to slurp down some food. He wrote, "Oh ya know, just learning to eat with one hand for a while! #Soup."


And yesterday he Tweeted that he's ready to hit the stage again: Quote, "So this weekend will be interesting. Shows while wearing a sling . . . #FirstForMe. I won't be telling you guys to clap with me. Ha-ha."


Bless his little pea-pickin’ heart.