BRANTLEY GILBERT finally opened up about his breakup with JANA KRAMER during a recent interview. He was asked if he's moved on, and he went out of his way to take the high road about the whole thing. 


He said, quote, "I'll be completely honest with you. That little girl's wonderful. I love her to death.  I care about her. She's going to make somebody a wonderful, wonderful wife, and a wonderful, wonderful mother.And that's the honest-to-God truth." 


He did admit that he took the breakup pretty hard. He said, quote, "Things just didn't work out.  Did it hurt?  Hell, yeah."  Brantley worked through pain by pouring it into his songwriting. Much of it for his album "That's Who I Am", which is out May 19th.


He said, quote, "There's several things on that record that hit me in the heart. Pretty solid punch.  There's a breakup song called 'I'm Gone' that covers it. It's not written to be mean. All those questions that were unanswered for a long time . . . all that's answered."


And, ladies, if ya'll missed it . . . here's Brantley rippin' off his shirt and jumpin' in the river.