Got an email from one of the KISS COUNTRY Family last night. This is one interesting dilemma. What do ya’ll think? Is it really THAT bad?!


Eddie & Sharon,


Want to help a brotha out?


Me and the wife did some grocery shoppin' over the weekend. She was grabbing something close to the front of the store . . . I grabbed some Reese's Cups and a Dr. Pepper. I was hungry . . . just didn't wanna wait. So, I tore into 'em. 


She looked at me like I just drop-kicked a bunny rabbit! Got MAD!


Said it was "white trash" it was to open up a candy bar and beverage in the store before paying for it. 


Couldn't disagree more! What's wrong with that?! I knew I was gonna pay for the damn thing. I even opened it up all careful like to leave the bar code in perfect condition. 


Can ya'll PLEASE tell I'm right? And this is perfectly acceptable!


Thank ya'll,


Still Hungry in Lester