Mariah Carey came under attack this weekend by tweeting a photo of her son...who is 2 years old, just a week older than Andrew, with a pacifier.  Made me wonder what to do as a Mommy with Andrew.  He loves his pacifier more than ever.  He usually just uses it at night and for naps but he still loves it.  I took him for his two year check up last week to Dr. Chambers at Great Beginning Pediatric Dentistry.  He has a great check up.  No cavities, his bite and teeth are great.  I asked about the paci and Dr. Chambers said it was ok for now.  But in a year it would need to be gone.  Then I hear other parents say there is no way a 2 year old needs one.  It should be taken away.  I take him to Dr. Love at ABC on Thursday for his 2 yeard physical checkup.  I will make sure I ask him.  I don't think I will listen to other is more important to me what the Dr. says.  Still it does make me wonder a little.  What do you think?