The other day Andrew sat down at the table hours before dinner and asked for broccoli.  Now this seemed not too strange to me and a lot of people asked...."How did you do that".  Well, I was raised on hot dogs and a little fast food mixed with my Mom's yummy southern cooking.  I have battled my weight my entire life and I don't want that for Andrew.  From the day he came off formula I have given him vegtables, chicken, lean meat and lots of veggies.  The occasional treats of course.  He loves cookies and chips but those are few and far between and not for meals.  He really just only knows what he eats now.  I know one day he will be more exposed to junk food and I hope he develops a taste for healthier foods.  I never give him candy.  Boy do I have a predicament at Halloween.  I am sure now our food habits develop when we are very young.  I don't think it is ever too late.  I want  him healthy and happy!  I love that boy sooooo much!