Tips For Packing a Suitcase or Duffle Bag

The basic packing principles remain the same no matter which luggage you use.

Weighty objects go on the bottom or directly over the wheels, toiletry bags and shoes (wrapped in plastic) are arranged in available pockets or at the ends of a duffle and the middle space holds clothing items.

  • Pants - Pack flat on the bottom of the luggage. Denim, in particular provides a flat and flexible platform to build on.
  • Shoes - Shoes are packed facing each other with the soles out and the heel-half meeting the toe-half to take up as little space as possible. The shoes are bagged as a pair and placed at the end of a duffel (to add structure and protection to the bag), or along the sides of a rolling case.
    Small items like socks and accessories can be wrapped and tucked into the toes to hold the shape.

***Toiletries - Small tubes (they take less room than bottles) of shampoo, conditioner, lotion, sunscreen, etc. should be packed in zip lock bags to prevent spillage and tucked into a side pocket or alongside the shoes.

Do not fill the tubes to capacity and squeeze some air out before you put the cap on to allow for expansion due to pressure changes in the cargo area.

  • Outfits - Roll entire outfits (top and bottom) together including underwear, for stops along the way to make it easy to find a change of clothes. Pants and shirt or skort and tee, etc..

    Pack them at the top so they're easy to find without going through all of the luggage.
  • Underwear/ socks - Keep these items together in a side pocket or in a zipper bag if your luggage has no pockets. Socks can be bagged in plastic and inserted into shoes.
  • Documents - Documents should be kept in an outside pocket of your carry-on luggage, easy to access while you're traveling and then put safely away at your destination.
  • Fragile items - Cameras and electronics and fragile souvenirs, should be packed among the rolled up clothing to cushion it from blows. Ensure that they're in the very middle to get the best protection