I remember when I first met my step daughter Heather.  She was a little whisky blonde haired seven year old who loved to play with Barbies.  When her daddy passed away I promised her I could never replace her daddy but I sure would adopt her in my heart as if she was MY daughter.  I never believed in the term "step child" anyway, they are all my kids and I love them all equally.

But last night was a major reminder to me that she is only a four short years away from heading out the door.  She attended her first Spring Formal and her mother, Ruby, sent me the photos.  These pictures are a far cry from that little seven year old girl I fell in love with and would do anything for.  Chokes me up a bit knowing there will be a day in just four short years that she will be out of my house and life will be forever different.  

Ok...here are her photos...guess I'm just being a dope.  But I love that kid.  

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