You could be sleeping in one of Miranda Lambert’s beds soon.  NO, not THAT bed….geez….the “Automatic” singer and her husband, Blake Shelton, are going to finally open the Ladysmith, their new bed and breakfast, in Tishomingo, Oklahoma across from Miranda’s other business, The Pink Pistol, according to the countryvibe.


The facility will host eight bedrooms and a wedding reception venue that guests can rent.  The Sheltons’ are closing in on the final renovations to the 113 year old building which Miranda will probably have to staff with a management team since she admits she has no clue how to run a bed and breakfast.  But if things get a little too much for Ran to handle she could always hire Anthony Melchiorri from Hotel Impossible to fix any of her hiccups in her new business venture.

The plan is to open the Ladysmith late this summer but no specific day has been set.

Photo: Getty Images